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25 Jun

Lately I have been reading about online behavioral analysis and have started to realize its potential for advertising.

To better understand its power, try this simple exercise. You likely will see ads for malpractice lawyers located in your area.

Open a new window, go to Google, and search “malpractice”. * What Google has done here is actually very sophisticated.

The Google advertising algorithm geo-targeted you based on your IP address and combined your most recent search queries in order to show you incredibly well targeted ads.

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Why can't it use the same general technology to serve advertisers? However, I do get frustrated and angered when popular companies fail to innovate.

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It appears that Facebook does take user behavior into account when serving ads.

If so, it is a little rude to use this information to target me.

I clicked through to user profiles and was served ads targeted at general college students. I continued to read several friends' profile pages to see how they were doing.

This is sad based on the amount of information the website stores about every user.

Facebook has algorithms that can suggest friends I might know if I don't add them as friends on the social network.